Mar 1, 2019

Foundation of the Caddyroamers

#Caddyroamers #Alles Neu

Nice that you found your way to our website!

What began not even a year ago as a very small project has been developing steadily ever since: In March 2019, the three of us only knew each other from Instagram and we really wanted to meet, get to know each other personally, go for a walk and chat about our caddy upgrades and trips.

Maybe someone would like to join us with their caddy, we thought, opened our joint account on Instagram and started a call for a meeting. That was the birth of the Caddyroamers :) Six weeks later, 18 like-minded people and 13 caddies met in the Hunsrück and spent a wonderful, albeit rainy, weekend together. Since then, our community has been growing every day and we are happy that our idea has been so well received.

The Caddygirls