Oct 5, 2020

Meet Up 2020: Newspaper Article in local media

#2020 #Corona #Meet-Up


When we received the news five days before the planned meeting that the district of Rhön-Grabfeld, where our Meet Up was to take place, had developed into a Corona Hotspot, we were very much affected. But instead of staying in shock, we immediately set everything in motion so that our meeting could still take place. In the Rhön it was not possible, but we wanted to find another location and we succeeded: In the evening after countless phone calls and it was clear that we could move our meeting to the Perlenau campground in Monschau. What a relief! But finding the new location wasn't enough: The participants had to be informed and we received several cancellations, many of which we were lucky enough to fill up with new participants. A big tent had to be organized, as we were facing a rainy weekend, as well as beer benches, a sound system, firewood for the campfire and a big grill. Thanks to the good Eifel network and immense helpfulness, all this could be organized within a very short time.

Click here to read the Eifler Nachrichten newspaper article.