Apr 16, 2021

How to open tailgate from the inside

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Written by Nadine


Do you also dream of just opening the tailgate in the morning at a dream spot and enjoying the view?

Then this post is just right for you. 

We explain how you can install a button (or a ball) with a few simple steps and thus open the lock of the tailgate from the inside.

Step 1

Before you start, you first have to check out whether your tailgate opens electronically or mechanically.

Mostly, the Caddys built until 2010 are mechanical and the following ones electronic, but there were still surprises for us now with some model years, which is why we would always play it safe and remove the rear panel once.

From 2015 on it is certainly an electronic one.

To remove the fairing you need an Imbus 3, with which you open the clips slightly by turning and then simply pull them out. With a Torx 25 you loosen the tab in the middle, on some older models it is sometimes two simple cross screws.

Klappe Übersicht Kabel

Does the interior of your tailgate look like this ...

... or that, then it is an electronic tailgate opening.

(There are two different versions of the electronic ones).

If your tailgate looks like this (without the cord, of course) it is a mechanical one.

Step 2

In case of an electronic opening you need the following for installation:

1x push button (I use a 16mm push button)

2x branch connector 0,5-1,0 mm² (also called cable thieves)

2x 1 m wire 1,5mm²

(for the newer models you only need 2x 0.5 meters)

you can also buy the whole kit in our store.


1x pipe wrench

1x nail scissors (for the electronic version with the circuit board below)

1x Torx 25 (with cordless screwdriver)

1x small screwdriver

1x 16mm drill bit (wooden drill) or you take a smaller bit and enlarge the hole with a peeling drill.

If your Caddy has a mechanical tailgate opening, you will need:

1x wooden ball (I use a 30mm wooden ball with 6mm hole)

1x nylon cord

1x 3mm drill bit

Step 3

This requires some courage and skill. The best way to do this is to sit in the trunk and pull the tailgate down towards you.

There are two variants for the cover as well. You can tell which version you are looking at by the shape of the cover. If it is more angular, it is the newer version.

In the newer models, the attachment points are no longer at the top, but at the front (where the fairing is). To do this, you have to manage to get your fingers between the disc and the fairing and then pull them towards you with force. Sometimes a wooden spatula helps to get the fingers in between.

In the photo you can see where the attachment points are located.

The cover on the older models is more rounded at the top.

Here you have to pull the cover upwards with force. To do this, push your fingers under the right and left sides of the panel and push it up as hard as you can. This will loosen the fasteners from the tailgate.


In the photo you can see where the mounting points are located on the older models.

With the Caddy 5, the attachment points have been set slightly differently. First you have to loosen the lower points by reaching under the cover and pulling it towards you. Once the points have been loosened, you have to reach under the cover on the right and left and pull it upwards.

Once you have removed the black trim, you can open the clips with the Allen key 3. (also see step 1)

To remove the fairing completely you have to loosen the loop in the middle with a Torx 25.

Step 4

If the steps have been carried out successfully, you should now see two white cables in the upper part of the newer models. If you have the older version (with the silver circuit board), go ahead to step 8.

These cables have to be connected to the button and you first have to take a branch connector.

On the Caddy 5, you will find the necessary cables in the lower section. These lead into a small blue plug. To get to the cables more easily, you can carefully cut open the sheathing with nail scissors. BE CAREFUL! Do not cut into the cables.

This has two openings. The cable can be inserted lengthwise at the front opening and the new cable can be inserted at the side opening.

Push the new cable into the opening, it is important here that the cable is up to the stop in the connector.

Now push one of the white cables, whichever one you choose, into the longitudinal opening. Make sure that it comes out at both ends of the connector. The cable must lie completely in the connector.

If everything is as desired (white cable completely in the connector - the new cable completely to the end), you can push the small metal plate with the pipe wrench into the connector. This creates a connection between the two cables. When the metal plate is completely pushed into the connector, you can close it with the clip, which is located on the connector.

Repeat the same procedure for the second white cable, so that you now have two free cables to connect to the button.

You can strip a small piece of insulation from the loose end of both cables.

Step 5

Now you can carry out the first practical test. Therefore, the Caddy must be unlocked and you must lock the lock on the tailgate once. You can do this by going to the bottom of the lock with your finger and pressing it in once.

Now take both sides of the cable and hold them together. If you have connected everything correctly - which I assume :) - the lock should open with a click.

Step 6

Now you just have to drill a hole for the button in the upper black fairing. The best place is on the top right of the fairing. You have to keep in mind that the motor for the rear wiper is located under the fairing. Therefore, you should check before where exactly you install the button.

For the hole you can either drill a hole directly with a 16mm drill bit or you start with a small one, which you expand with a peeler drill until the hole is large enough.

Just test again and again with the probe if it fits into the hole.

Step 7

Now you can reattach the fairing. The clips can be easily pressed back into the holes, no tools are needed. Of course, you should make sure that the cables look out the top. :)

To fix the button in the black casing, unscrew the square ring, insert the button into the hole and screw the ring back on from the other side.

Now you have to loosen the small screws on the button so that the hole underneath is free. The cables are now fixed in the holes by tightening the screw again.

Now you only have to fix the cover to the tailgate again (press firmly) and your tailgate opening will work from the inside with a push button.

Step 8

If your caddy has the older electronic version, you must open the three Torx screws on the plantine with a Torx 25 and remove the circuit board first.

Underneath are two white cables that are wrapped with a ribbon. Be careful not to use the wrong cables. But if you follow the picture, nothing can go wrong.

The tape must now be cut open a bit to expose the two white cables. The best way to do this is with nail scissors. Be careful when cutting so that you do not damage the cables underneath.

Now proceed with the white cables as explained in step 4-5. Don't be surprised, I used red cables for this variant.

Now the circuit board must be screwed on again. Make sure that the cables are led out on the left side.

With this variant, it is advisable to lay the cables in the upper area partly through the tailgate, so that the cables do not sit directly under the trim.

Step 9

Now you can proceed in the same way as in step 7.

Mechanical tailgate opening

The mechanical version is much simpler than the electronic one, but just as effective.

You start by drilling a 3mm wide hole in the black cover and threading an approximately 2 meter long string halfway into the ball. The ball is attached by tying several knots in the middle of the string. It is important that it is not just one knot, as this would come loose if the string is pulled.

You then thread the string into the hole in the cover.


Thread the cord through the opening in the tailgate and put the cover back on. The trim (of the entire tailgate) can be slid underneath without any problems afterwards.

The cord is tightly attached to this small pin.

Here, too, it is important that you tie several knots on top of each other so that the construction cannot loosen under tension.

For this step, the cover must be completely back on the tailgate, otherwise there will be too little tension and the ball will roll back and forth while driving.

Now you can close the tailgate once and open it from the inside by pulling the ball. If this worked without problems, which I assume, you can now slide the trim under the black cover and reattach the trim with the clips and the loop.

I hope we could help you! If you have any questions, feel free to send them to Nadine's Instagram account or email her at Nadine@caddyroamers.de.

We hope you can soon watch the sunrises in the morning in the Caddy WITHOUT having to get out first. :)