Jun 5, 2022

Meet Up Tombola 2022 - Donation to "Entwicklung Hilft"

Like every year, there was also a big donation raffle at the Meet Up. 

The run on the raffle tickets was again very big - and rightly so, because there were some really great prizes! During the evening raffle, people really cheered and cheered - this part of the Meet Up has become a real highlight.

In the end, 2,600 were collected, which we donated to Entwicklung Hilft to support their work for Ukraine. 

The € 2,600 also included € 123.18 that participant Christin contributed through a special action. She provided us all with ice cream at the Meet Up: for a small donation, we were allowed to take a delicious refreshment from her cooler. The participation fees for the workshops of Tim, Susette, Kathi, Carina and Vanessa (minus material costs) also went entirely into the donation pot. 

We are overwhelmed by the willingness of all participants to donate and would like to thank all partners who made the raffle possible! 

In addition, many thanks to the support of our goodie bags by the above-mentioned partners as well as: