Jul 9, 2022

Rain gutter Caddy 4

It's dripping...

... and unfortunately into the Caddy. Anyone who wants to listen to a light rain in the Caddy 4 with the tailgate open is usually driven quite quickly to close the tailgate again. Why? Because the window is fitted in such a way that a groove is created in which the rainwater collects and then unfortunately drips directly onto the gas struts. After a short time, the rear extension gets wet from the bouncing drops. 

But we wouldn't be the Caddyroamers if we hadn't found a solution for this ;-) 

In our shop we now have a rain gutter that is attached to the gas strut by simply clipping it under the dripping groove. In this way, the rainwater that would actually drip onto the gas strut is collected and directed downwards. So you can enjoy a light rain shower even with the tailgate open.

In heavy rain and/or strong winds, however, we recommend closing the tailgate. 

So that you don't have to search for the gutters every time it rains, they are designed to remain on the gas strut even when the tailgate is closed.

For more info, check out our reel on Instagram. :-)