Feb 1, 2023

Find the right mattress for your caddy

Written by Nadine


The most important thing for a longer trip your Camper is a comfortable bed in which you can sleep restfully to be fit for new adventures. Since in most Caddys the bed takes up a large part of the installation you should think about the following criteria before deciding for a mattress.

How is/will my bed be designed?

First you should think about how you want to design your bed or have already designed. The requirements for a mattress in a bed that you can pull out to the side are different from a camping box that you fold out to the back. 

Based on your installation could be several individual parts or even a folding mattress.

What are my requirements for a mattress?

First you should answer the following questions.

How often will I use the mattress?

If you only want to spend a night in the camper from time to time, a low-priced mattress might be sufficient. However, these will wear out quickly and you will feel the wood/metal construction under the mattress. If you plan to spend several days/weeks or even months in the Caddy, we recommend a high quality mattress.

Which mattress thickness is sufficient for me? 

This question is quite difficult to answer. However, if you like rather soft mattresses, you should tend to a slightly thicker thickness because you tend to sink in softer mattresses and thus must have enough foam under you to not feel the bed construction. If you like to sleep a bit firmer, mattress thicknesses from 10 cm are also suitable.

Do I need support for my back?

Also with this question you will know yourself best. From a certain mattress thickness, usually around 17 cm, contour cuts (slight zoning) can be made to provide more support in certain areas.

Do I prefer to sleep soft or hard?

Mostly the hardness of your mattress at home helps as an orientation. Ultimately, it is your own well-being that decides.

Which cover?

In principle, of course, you want a cover that is durable and easy to clean. Unfortunately, these requirements are somewhat contrary to the actual function of a mattress. Because it is not only important to sleep on a comfortable mattress but it should also optimally promote the sleeping climate. If you have a washable cover, it is a moisture-impermeable material and therefore the moisture (each person gives off about half a liter of moisture during sleep) can not be transported away and you sweat faster and wake up more often.

Therefore, it makes more sense to choose a darker fabric, on which stains are not so quickly noticeable and to rely on a removable cover. This can then be removed and washed as needed.

Our recommendation!

Nadine has configured a mattress at The Snooze Project and put it through its paces for you. 

We put together the most important points why Nadine chose a The Snooze Project mattress:


At The Snoozeproject, there's almost nothing that doesn't exist. You can easily configure and order your mattress online. If your dream mattress is not configurable (eg you need additional zippers) then you can easily contact the support and you look together what is possible. In Nadine's experience, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled :).


Your dream mattress is within Germany in a maximum of 7 working days with you. 

Sleep test:

Customers receive 100 days to test and depending on the variant up to 10 years warranty on the dimensional stability of the mattress core.


By default, the mattresses are delivered in the white Snooze Project cover - but other covers are also possible on request, e.g. in other colors or upholstery fabrics.


All mattresses (including standard sizes) are produced to order in Germany near Cologne and delivered directly to the customer - no storage areas.


We donate returns to charities whenever possible; if this is not possible, materials can be separated and recycled without any problems - we do not use adhesives during production 

Materials are CertiPUR certified and comply with OEKO Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (safe even for small children). 

Since 2020, The Snooze Project and also our products are climate neutral by reducing our emissions and offsetting the unavoidable emissions by supporting a climate protection project

Nadine is super happy with her mattress and can especially highlight the really very friendly and caring support. 

If you are also looking for a new mattress, then take a look at The Snooze Project.