Jan 8, 2024

Pop up Roof for the new Caddy V (SB)

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Written by Nadine


The new Caddy V offers you a significant innovation when it comes to converting it into your dream camper.

It is a few centimeters wider and longer and finally no longer has such high sliding doors. This change finally allows for a much wider pop-top roof, because let's be honest, 90 cm width is only enough for one person to sleep.

The company Zooom Reisefahrzeuge has now developed a pop-top roof for the Caddy 5 (V) in which two people can sleep comfortably on 125 x 215 cm. 

In the following blog article, we introduce you to the new pop-top roof from Zooom.


Which caddy do I need?

To install a pop-top roof from Zooom Reisefahrzeuge, you need a Caddy V in the Maxi version. However, we are currently working on an option for the Caddy 5 with a short wheelbase. This will probably be ready for installation in summer 2024. This one will also have a 125 cm wide sleeping area.

Unfortunately, the previous models are not suitable for installation as the sliding doors are set too high.

The pop-up roof can also be installed in a Caddy V Cargo!

Important! The installation cannot be fitted to a Caddy V with a panoramic roof. Unfortunately, the body is no longer load-bearing if the panoramic roof has been removed.


Overview of the pop-top roof from Zooom

The standard pop-up roofs for the previous models all have a maximum width of 90 cm and are no longer than 190 cm. This may be sufficient for single travelers and people who are not too tall, but it is still somewhat narrow and short.


The new pop-up roof from Zooom has a width of 125 cm and a bed width of 215 cm whicht means that two people can sleep on top without any problems. If you are looking for a small camper, the Caddy with the pop-top roof from Zooom would certainly be something for a family with 1-2 children, as you can of course also have a bed installed below.

Mattress and slatted frame:

There is an extendable slatted frame in the pop-up roof that can be adjusted to your own requirements in terms of firmness. The whole thing is topped off by a 5 cm thick mattress because the slatted frame means that a thicker one is not necessary.



Sense of space:

You cannot only sleep in the pop-top roof, but thanks to the folding slatted frame you can even stand up from the front seats to the rear. Changing clothes and moving around in the Caddy is no longer a test of agility, and even sitting giants can sit at the bottom of the installation without a hunched back.

Height of the vehicle:

Most car parks have an entrance height restriction of 2 meters. The Caddy V with pop-up roof has a height of 1.95 m and can therefore be driven into most multi-storey and underground parking lots.

Comparison with the pop-top roof from Reimo

The pop-top roof for the Caddy 5 from Zooom is not the only pop-top roof on the market. Below is a comparison of the pop-up roof from Zooom and Reimo.

The lying surface


ZOOOM Reisefahrzeuge 

As described above, the Zooom pop-top roof has a sleeping area of 125x215cm. 






The company Reimo had already designed a pop-top roof for the Caddy 4, but for the Caddy 5 they did not use the full width of the Caddy as much as possible, which is why the lying area of the bed is only 195x100cm. This makes it almost impossible for two people to sleep on top and also restricts freedom of movement in the cam




ZOOOM Reisefahrzeuge 

The total price including installation is 9,399 euros. This also includes the 5 cm cold foam mattress with slatted frame, paint in the color of your choice, fitted sheets, an LED gooseneck lamp with USB connection and the ladder to get into the bed.





It is much more difficult to find a price overview online for the pop-up roof from Reimo. The individual components required for installation are listed on the website, but you have to contact a partner company to find out the total price including installation. The price quoted by a freely chosen partner company was just under 8,500 euros. This also includes a 4 cm cold foam mattress, but without a slatted frame.

Window and view


Both roof versions have three windows in the tent canvas. One on each side and one at the rear, both are also equipped with fly screens.




In Zooom Reisefahrzeuge, however, the rear window can be opened all the way down so that you can also sit in the window with the tailgate closed.



Nadine's conclusion

For me, the pop-top roof is the absolute game changer when it comes to camping in a mini camper/Caddy. As a tall woman (182 cm), I can now sit upright in the Caddy and of course also stand upright in the entire Caddy. At first I was skeptical about the thickness of the mattress, I already have a slipped disc and can no longer sleep on rigid beds. But after the first night in the pop-up roof, I was relieved of any fears, the slatted frame compensates for everything perfectly and you can also influence the degree of firmness by adjusting the individual slats. 


I love the panoramic windows in the roof because you have an almost all-round view and in summer on a warm night you can just sleep with the fly nets. 

I didn't notice any significant differences in the driving experience or fuel consumption.


In short - I couldn't have made a better decision. 

If you are unsure and would like to come and see me in Cologne to get an idea of the pop-up roof, you are welcome to contact me by email and we can make an appointment.