caddyroamers meet up

WHEN: OCTOBER 3rd-4th 2020

Meet Up 2.0

After our first Meet Up was a complete success and our community has grown steadily since then, we were even more pleased that even more caddy campers came to the second Meet Up in October 2020! Almost 55 people and 35 Caddies spent a wonderful weekend in Monschau. There were exciting workshops and lectures and of course there was again enough time for exchange, inspiration and nice conversations around the campfire!

Who would have thought it when we received the news five days earlier that the district of Rhön-Grabfeld, where our Meet Up was to take place, had developed into a Corona hotspot. Instead of remaining in a state of shock, we immediately set everything in motion so that our meet up could take place after all. This was not possible in the Rhön, but we were determined to find another location and we succeeded: In the evening, after countless phone calls, it was decided that we could move our meeting to the Perlenau campsite in Monschau. What a relief! But finding the new location was not enough: the participants had to be informed and we received several cancellations, which we were fortunately able to fill with new participants. A large tent had to be organised as we were in for a rainy weekend, as well as benches, a sound system, firewood for the campfire and a large grill for our BBQ. Thanks to the good Eifel network and the great willingness to help, all this was organised within a very short time.

Even the regional press was invited to write a detailed article about us :-)

At 11 am the first caddy campers arrived, were welcomed by Nadine and Anna, received their goodie bags and Carina assigned their pitches to the caddies. While the participants set up their small camps and awnings, they chatted and talked shop :-)

After a short welcome and a few inspirations for sustainable vanlife, the programme could really get started: In Nadine's workshop, she explained how to open the tailgate of the Caddy from the inside. The participants had registered in advance and they worked diligently. A distinction must be made between mechanical and electronic tailgate opening, because both require different solutions for opening from the inside. Shortly afterwards, the next workshop began and Carina made a macramé "traffic light" with some of the participants.

Last but not least, Anna presented her swivel seat from Zooom Reisefahrzeuge Manufaktur, which makes it possible to rotate the passenger seat of the Caddy 4 and even the driver and passenger seat of the Caddy 3 by 180°. This gives the Caddy a completely different sense of space and provides a wonderful seating experience.

Constant mucky weather and social distancing rules did nothing to dampen the good mood among the Caddycampers: everyone was in a good mood and there was a lively exchange about conversions, travel destinations and all sorts of other topics. Really a great community! :-)

In the evening, there was an exclusive screening of the European Outdoor Film Tour, which had put together three exciting outdoor adventure documentaries especially for us. An absolute highlight :-)

After the barbecue, the raffle was drawn: Thanks to numerous well-known sponsors, we had lots of great prizes for which the participants could buy raffle tickets: 1 ticket was available for 5€, 5 tickets cost 20€. Among the participants we collected the amount of 760€, which we increased to 1200€. We donated this great amount to the Clean River Project e.V., which campaigns for clean waters in Germany and wants to reduce plastic waste pollution by actively cleaning up the waters and educating people.

Many participants won multiple times, but unfortunately very few came away empty-handed. A big thank you goes to all the sponsors who supported our raffle and thus contributed to this donation.

The next morning, some Caddycampers already started their return journey due to the long journey home, and part of the group went on a short hike with Anna and Carina into the old town of Monschau. At 2pm the Meet Up 2020 was over and the three of us were happy and satisfied, but also tired and exhausted :-D We are very grateful for this super cool community and are already looking forward to the next Meet Up :-)