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  • Tailgate opening kit Vw Caddy/ T5 T6

    Installation by Nadine in Cologne (Germany)


    You don't want to install the kit by yourself? No problem - Nadine (nadine@caddyroamers.de) will contact you after the purchase and arrange an appointment with you. 

    The installation will take about 30 minutes and will take place by appointment in Cologne. 

    You can choose freely in which color you want to have the button installed.


    • Installation by Nadine in Cologne
    • Tailgate kit included
    • Nadine will contact you by mail after the purchase (if an explicit appointment is desired by you, contact Nadine before)
    • Time estimate: about 30 minutes
    • Nadine will of course bring everything that is needed for the installation

    For technical reasons, 2 € shipping costs are currently calculated, so the price is adjusted so that you come to a total of 44.95 €.