Sep 18, 2022

Storage space in the minicamper - 8 tips for space-saving camping

Written by Anna


Storage space is the most important thing in a camper - you can't really have enough of it. Especially for mini-campers, every centimeter counts and every little compartment needs to be used wisely. At recent meet ups, we've noticed time and time again that each expansion is quite individual and there are numerous options for plenty of storage space. For most, most of the storage space is under the bed structure, but there are of course other ways to store your luggage.

In this article, we've put together 8 useful tips for you on how to get the most storage out of your minicamper :-) 


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Tip 1: Less is more 

The most obvious tip is probably to simply take less with you. But that is often easier said than done. But you can really save on clothing: Experience shows again and again that in 90% of the cases you have too many clothes with you and end up wearing mostly the same thing. Often it is enough to pack enough clothes for about one week and then do laundry on the way. After three weeks at the latest, there is no way around it anyway :-) 

To reduce the amount of clothes, you can e.g. already start 2-3 days before departure with putting out the clothes and do something else in between. Often you realize the next day that you should be able to manage with a few less shirts and so the pile of clothes is reduced little by little. 

In addition, it is helpful to take only matching clothes with you, especially plain-colored pieces that you can combine as versatile as possible. Attention: Consider also space and if necessary a bag for dirty laundry :-)

In general, the equipment should be adapted to the respective trip. Some things are permanently in the camper, but it is worthwhile to check before each trip, whether you really need it all. If a summer vacation in the sunny south is imminent, a fan heater can be dispensed with, for example, and there are certainly other gadgets to which this applies for certain trips. 


Tip 2: Use every little compartment

It is important to use already existing compartments, even if they are only small. This applies, for example, to the compartments located under the floor mats behind the driver and front passenger seats in many Caddies. If you take out the floor mats, you see two small compartments in which, for example, a warning triangle, towing hook or a pair of shoes can be stowed. The sliding doors usually also have compartments where Anna can store gas cartridges and a small hand brush, for example.

Some Caddies also have a small compartment at the very front of the seat, where, for example, a high-visibility vest fits easily and within reach, so that in the event of an accident or breakdown, you can leave the car already wearing a high-visibility vest. 

Tip 3: Make use of the space in front of the windows 

To use the space in front of the windows in the minicamper, there are various approaches, some of which you can see in our community. Nadine, for example, has built cabinets in front of the windows in elaborate detail work, which has given her a lot of space that she uses as a closet. Anna, on the other hand, has attached a perforated plate to one window, where she can store lots of odds and ends thanks to the extensive accessories from a Swedish furniture store, and on the other side, like Vanessa & David, she has attached the practical window bag from Lazyee Camping: they make perfect use of the area in front of the rear side windows and can be attached without drilling or gluing. To do this, simply slide the associated blackout and carrier plate between the fairing and the window. Therefore, the window pockets are only suitable for Caddys that have a complete rear fairing. It is really very convenient that you can just pack the bags in the apartment and not have to drag everything in boxes or other bags to the car. The bags are available for the short Caddy and the Caddy Maxi in light gray and anthracite. 

You can find more information about the window bags in our shop.

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Tip 4: Space-saving equipment 

There are products from all areas that can be stored in a more space-saving way than conventional ones. This starts with foldable kitchen equipment made of silicone, goes over foldable lamps up to thin microfiber or muslin towels.


Tip 5: Boxes & panniers

It makes sense if basically every item in the camper has a fixed place where it belongs. This way, constant searching can be avoided and things don't fly around randomly in the camper. That's why many campers like to use panniers and boxes in different sizes (e.g. Euroboxes), in which everything can be stowed conveniently. 


Tip 6: Car seats 

The backs of car seats can also be used for storage space, for example with the Layzee bags from Lazyee Camping. The bag can be packed at home and then easily attached to the car seat. You can also find the Layzee bag in our shop. 

Tip 7: Roll up textiles 

It is a good idea to roll up textiles - ever tried that? This not only avoids annoying creases, but also saves space compared to conventional folding or classic stuffing ;-) 


Tip 8: The tailgate

Last but not least, the tailgate can also be used as storage space: Simply unscrew the trim, drill holes in it and pull rubber cords through. Knot the rubber cords behind the trim panel and you can jam things from the front behind the rubber cords. However, the tailgate should not be loaded too heavy, because then it might not stay open on its own. 


Do you have any other tips for saving space and making the best use of storage space in the minicamper? 
Let us know! :-) 

Of course you can find more inspiration in our community.